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Due the likelihood of heavy, El Nino enhanced rains in February, the 2016 Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt is being postponed until September, during the Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival, when we expect the weather to be more conducive to clue-solving. More details will be posted here in the coming months.

»» read about the 2006 hunt in the SF Chronicle

Will Call opens............................................ 2:30pm
Hunt check-in begins.................................. 3:30pm
Hunt commences....................................... 4:30pm
Hunt ends (all answer sheets must be back)...... 9:00pm

Tickets will available on site at Justin Herman Plaza starting at 2:30 pm before the Hunt (for $60).


Justin Herman Plaza, located at Market and the Embarcadero, behind the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in San Francisco - please check here if you need a map or transportation info.

San Francisco Recreation & Parks



Partial proceeds benefit the San Francisco Circus Center.

Special offer: If your company hires us to create a team-building treasure hunt, we’ll give you four free tickets to the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt!

Box Office details: The Box Office is open 9am-4pm, Monday–Friday. There is no walk-up Box Office until the day of the Hunt, at which time a tent will be set up at Justin Herman Plaza (there will signs marking it). Ticket sales will begin at 3:00pm. Will Call opens at 2:30pm.

Beginners who solved all the clues in 2015: We recommend that you move up to the Regular Division for 2015. Help make room for the newbies!

Contests and Prizes

Winners will be posted on the Prizes & Team Scores page (as will Team Scores, natch).

Get your threads/conceptual art projects ready for the Best Dressed costume contest and your cameras ready for the Photo contest. You could WIN FABULOUS PRIZES (... well, at least honor, glory and bragging rights).


Each ticket can be redeemed for a sealed set of clues and a map on the day of the hunt. One person can redeem the tickets for everyone else on their team.

Other Info:

You must bring your tickets WITH YOU to the Hunt!


Definitely bring:

  1. Comfortable footwear (you will do a lot of walking and / or running in the course of the hunt)
  2. A flashlight - the brighter the better.
  3. A ruler.
  4. Layered clothes, and possibly a backpack to carry them in.
  5. A spirit of adventure and a zest for new experiences.

Helpful but optional items:

  1. A smartphone, tablet or laptop with wireless.
  2. Snacks or drinks in a backpack.
  3. A zip-lock bag or other waterproof cover for your clues and map (if it’s raining).
  4. Highlighter and pens for marking your map.
  5. A calculator.
  6. Strongly recommended: a clipboard or piece of foamcore for your answer sheets (8-1/2”x11”)

Everyone gets a detailed map of the playing area, and every team receives an alphabetic street index. You’re encouraged to bring your own maps, guidebooks or reference works to aid in solving clues. We will not be updating the iPhone app this year.

While familiarity with San Francisco geography is an advantage, the ability to collaboratively solve a puzzle and work as a team are more important.

For non-ticketing questions please check our Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt FAQ page.

Partial proceeds in 2015 benefited Circus Center.

Forget it, Jake, It’s Chinatown Jack Nicholson, in Chinatown